The Waypoint Society

A social and professional network of collaborative, passionate, and exceptional West Point graduates who possess the potential to make significant contributions to our nation’s public and private sectors. The Waypoint Society serves as a medium for collaboration, mentorship, and support in all facets of professional life including insight into top-tier programs and institutions, recommendations on career progression, and advice on new opportunities. The Waypoint Society is a 501(c)7 IRS exempt organization.

Our Members

Members of the Waypoint Society graduated West Point from the classes of 1975-2014 and come from a diverse range of industries, companies, and graduate schools. These individuals collaborate with, mentor, and support other members of the Society who desire to pursue similar paths or to draw upon their experience and expertise.

Our members are employees at, alumni of, or students in the following organizations:

Graduate Education

54% of our members have graduated with a postgraduate degree or are currently pursuing one

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33% of our members have graduated with an MBA or are currently pursuing one

0 %

Active Duty

37% of our members are still active duty, but most have transitioned to the civilian sector

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Admissions Process

It is imperative that talented graduates are selected for membership. This requires a vetting process which starts with current members nominating graduates in their social and professional networks who will be a strong fit.

Applicants are admitted after a thorough admissions process which evaluates applicants’ demonstrated competencies and potential based on past success and commitment to the Society’s vision and values.

Each member receives the same application. Only ten members from each graduating class are admitted per year, and only 100 total members are admitted from each graduating class.

Recruiting Timeline

Nominations Due

Nominations from members are due. Members may nominate graduates from the class of 2017 and earlier.

May 20, 2020
May 24, 2020

Applications Sent

Nominees will receive the application by email.

Applications Due

Applications, essays, head shots, and resumes due.

July 19, 2020
August 15, 2020

Admissions Decisions

The Board of Directors meets to make applicant admission decisions. New member are notified within two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants must be graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Applicants must be four years post-graduation at the time of acceptance into the Society.  Applicants cannot be active corporate or employment recruiters and cannot engage in deceptive, fraudulent, illegal, racketeering, specious, or spurious business practices.

Only those who have been nominated will receive an application. It will be sent to an email address provided by the nominator. The applicant has approximately 6 weeks to finish the application and return to the Recruiting Committee.

The application includes biographical information, education information, employment information, and professional interests. Each applicant must write two essays (prompts are provided in the application). Applicants must also submit a professional resume and a studio quality head shot.

We provide two distinct benefits to members. The first is the member directory, which allows members to reach out to other members on a one-on-one basis for specific requests. The other is the networking feature which allows members to submit more general requests or information to the entire society.

Of course. Approximately 30% of the Waypoint Society is active duty.

No. The Waypoint Society is a non-profit corporation. The Board of Directors and all Officers work on a volunteer basis. All dues assessed are used to pay expenses. Any surplus is saved and will be used to pay for services that benefit members.

There is a one-time due of $35. These dues are used to pay for domain registration, web hosting, web design, etc.